ed, right you are!


ed said...

Yea!! Lance, your wife IS lovely. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more and hopefully play guitar with her!

Did you make her hair look darker in that picture just to prove me wrong? Just teasing :]

** said...

being tha we've never met, i didn't know you were married. i guess i was wondering who the "we" was you always reffered to.

i do have a proposition for you. i have(and will probably do more) designed some buttons for my site. so if someone wants to indulge me and my creative and visitor hording needs, they can put up a button on their site to link to mine. but the problem is.. i don't know html. sure, i can play around in the blogger template, but i can't write it worth a flip.

did i find somewhere where you know html? i would love it, if you would help me with this problem. i just need html written so if someone downloads a button, they can also copy/paste the code from my site to put in their template/etc. if not, or have alot on your plate, dont worry. it's totally cool. just wanted ask.