Well, I'll get to the title, but first let me tell you about my new, um, passtime. I got my new computer pieced together. I suppose you can call call it new, even though most of the parts have been used before. The whole thing functioning as a computer is new. It's not too shabby for the $150 I put into it. My friend Tyler gave me the motherboard and chip (AMD 2000) with the case, Joe at work gave me a 40GB hard drive for it. He is always doing nice things like that. He puts together computers from old parts and gives them to people who need them. I bought the video card from P at work (ATI Radeon 9800 128MB, rad I might add), and I had to order the memory from newegg (2 X 512MB Corsair PC 3200).

So my passtime is playing Half Life 2. I thought it would be a good idea to get a fancy new game to try out that fancy new video card, and HL2 fits the bill. It is really impressive, and Saturday I had a blast playing it except for all the crashes. There is nothing annoying in the same way as computer crashes at random intervals into a good game. I spent the day reading threads and tweaking the settings on the video card, to where now it is pretty stable. To pass the time between boots, I worked on translating this Russian song by Vladimir Vysotsky. He's cool, I got the CD just over a year ago as a gift from La Falda, one of the best gift givers around.

Now about that title... I was working in the yard today, installing a new sprinkler manifold, when in the air, I caught the smell of death. Yes, it is pretty distinct, and pretty unpleasant. After judging the wind I looked and found a dead Prince. It was sad, because he was a good cat, and I have some fond memories of him. How many of you know your neighbor's cat's name? I had found him the other day in the dog house - injured, and brought him over to the neighbor. I guess he got away and died in my front yard. For your benefit, I won't share a photo. No I didn't take one.

In other neighborhood weirdness, a fire engine and ambulance came rushing down the street while I was mowing today. I saw them take someone out of the house on gurney. What really struck me odd was how normal my day was going while their world could be crashing just a few doors down. Was someone having a heart attack or something? I said a prayer, and kept mowing.

Word spreads quick I guess, becuase I already found out that she was taking sod out of her yard and putting it in her big trash can when it fell on her. She is okay, thankfully.


Rael said...

so glad she's ok.
if you want to go to batman begins with us (meaning jess rocky peter holly and anyone els who wants to come) we're going to the 7pm showing teusday if you bring a none parishable food item you get a free small pop corn :)
had something els to tell you can't remember... oh well see you

** said...

lance, hey. glad you came by. hmm, cutting the bananas into disk,... and cinnamon. powdered sugar would be good too. also, sorry about the nighbors cat.

what cooking post would you put up? something complicated and fancy? btw, i got the post on the stat-counter thing you wrote. i tried it(or one like it), but decided against it.

by the way, did you ever find why chinese people don't each much/any cheese? or did i just read over that part?

much love brother, justin

** said...

samba's yeah.. ahhh. hehe. glad you share my feelings.