Hey, I apologize to all my faithful readers that it has been a week since my last post, but enough apoligies, here I am fixing it. So I'm going to recap my week, and please accept yet another apology; I have a blending problem with my memory.

I believe it was on Tuesday, no I think it was Wednesday, when a bunch of fireworks got dropped off at my house. I wasn't home so Scott dropped by my work to get the garage clicker. He also got me to sign up for four shifts in the fireworks stand. We are running, for the first time, a fireworks stand to raise money for Chi Alpha.

Also on Wednesday, we finally managed to play a good game of Russian Scrabble. It seems we have been plagued with P being sick or getting kicked out due to closing. This week though, we played at The Shack, and La Falda was able to make it! The Shack is a really nice restaurant here in Missoula that really does not live down to its name. Jamey said it felt so "cosmo (cosmopolitian)" playing there, and I agree, but it was really perfect. Free refills on the coffee, a nice waitress, wine available (albiet a bit pricy). P won, which is to be expected since he does speak Russian as his first language, but it was surprisingly close, as he'll admit. Man, it was a frustrating game for all of us though. It was just a really tight board, and hard to play the words you had. You know, not enough branching out.

Thursday, hmmm, oh yeah! I played Age of Empires II (A real-time strategy computer game, build an army, take over your opponent, the usual) with J.J. It was a good night, we ordered pizza from Papa John's, and the girls stayed out late. A tip on the pizza: when they offer you a square pizza at Papa John's, don't take it! Seriously, the sauce is horrible. We thought something was wrong with it, and had them send a replacement round pizza.

Friday... Hmm... Let's move on.

Saturday I went to the Russian store. There is a Russian store in Spokane, WA that every once in a while packs up a bunch of chocolate, kvas, meats, cheeses, and more, and makes a trip to Missoula. They set up at a family's house. This time in the yard, before it was in the basement. It is so cool. There are a bunch of Russians, or people who speak Russian, they are from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. Mostly from Belarus. Last time I went with P, but he didn't want to go this time because he planned on sleeping. It was going to start at 11:00, and he planned on staying up to play Battlefield 2, the great new computer game.

I drove around for quite a while trying to remember where on Mount St. it was. Finally, I saw a group of Russians standing on the sidewalk outside this house. I parked the truck, and got out to see if I could find out where it was. First I walked by them, then I walked back, and began talking to them. We'll do italics for translated Russian.

Me: Excuse me please, do you know where the Russian store is?

A Nice Russian Lady in a Group of About Eight: blah blah three (hours/o'clock).

Me: Is it here? Is it at 11:00?

ANRLIAGOAE: blah blah three (hours/o'clock).

Me: Thanks.

ANRLIAGOE: Where are you from?

Me: Missoula.

ANRLIAGOE: blah blah Where are you from?

Me: I was born in Missoula.

ANRLIAGOE: How do you know Russian?

Me: I am studying at the university.

Another Russian Lady: Oh, I knew you were a smart fellow. How long have you been in school?

Me: Two semesters.

ARL: Wow, you are a smart fellow. They just left Spokane, and should be here in about three hours.

ANRLIAGOE: What is your name?

Me: My name is Lance. What is your name?

ANRLIAGOE: (Sadly I forget what she said here.)

Yet Another Russian Lady: Come back at 1:30.

Me: One forty?

YARL: 1:30.

Me: Okay. Big thanks.

So I came back at 1:30, and I managed to talk Shannon into coming. We met La Falda in the parking lot of Pierce Flooring, and walked over there. I think Shannon liked it, just for the experience. It is pretty neat to feel like you're back in Russia for an hour or so.

Sunday after church, we went out to World of Wings, and then Goldsmith's Cold Stone Rock Ice Cream with Jamey, ed, Jessica, Dave, Maria, J.J., and Anna. World of Wings is one of the new restaurant additions to Missoula. Looking on their map of locations on the menu, we're the only location in the Northwest. Most of them are in Lousiana and Florida, so you know they have good wings. Goldsmith's used to be "Goldsmith's Cold Stone Ice Cream," but big 'ol Cold Stone fixed that. Just for that you don't get a link, Cold Stone. Maybe you'll think twice about the mom and pops next time, but look on the bright side, I could have given you a vindictive link.

Then, Sunday night I totally spaced my first shift in the fireworks stand. Sorry Scott. I did write it down right after all. I just remembered the the date wrong.

So we're back at another Monday. Work was another normal Monday, but I got the DVD Burner I ordered from newegg already. So I burnt The Birds to a new DVD and removed the region code so La Falda can watch it on her DVD player. I tested it on mine and it seems to work great! Next on the list, Rudolf na Ostrove hrańćiek, with audio in English and Slovak 5.1 surround!


lance said...

You may have noticed that this post has lots of links. I changed their color so they would stand out a little more. What do you think? Should I go back to the gray? I'm not really a graphic artist.

** said...

wow. yeah we got papa john dowsn here in the south too. ever get that garlic dipping sauce?

hey, they wanted to charge that much for an "eddy the eel" mail order? he's probably the most best thing you'd ever buy(besides a Bible), but spending that much is irrational. oh well.

and on the links-color question, you might change it a bit. can't exactly figure out the words to explain why. just my humble opinion. but hey, you know what... you do whatever you want. i'll still read your site!

much love brother,


ed said...

That's funny. All the while I was reading, I was thinking, I really like the orange highlights. I think a darker green would look nice too.

Thanks for updating, by the way. I didn't mean to pester. I hope this is not the reason you were up so darn late!

lance said...

ed, your not a pest at all. I was having a DVD burning party last night, and contemplating how much I dislike the DMCA, especially Title I.

Garlic dipping sauce: I've had it, I like it on the bread sticks, and pizza crusts.

Eddy: I almost clicked "buy," it was the shipping charges that scared me off.

I might just have to put up some samples of different link colors, and have a vote. I'm not really sure about the orange, I just wanted something that you could tell where the links were. Thanks for your faithful readership despite link color.

Tyler Gene said...

Ok... So the OJ sucks... Sorry but my blind ass is having difficulties reading your, what I like to call, "Hyper Text Markup Language." Perhaps a darker OJ or even a nice emerald green would suffice. Ed's suggestion was right on the money. (Hi Ed) Also, once I get my head screwed on straight. I will have to open up a can of whoop-ass on you and JJ on the Empire field. Any game will do... maybe we could settle for a game of chess here and there.

Ta ta for now,

ed said...


What I'm about to say is intended to be a compliment. Please take it as such. I think that DMCA- Title I comment makes you the biggest geek I know! I had to follow your (orange?) link to see what you were talking about. You're right! Pesky DMCA.

Someday I hope to be (almost) as geeky as you.

(Hi back, Tyler--are you the mechanical-bull-riding-"Ashton Kutcher"-haircut-Tyler?)

Tyler Gene said...

I am... who the heck are you?

Um... Perhaps I should say something to Lance to... uh... Orange?


jamie said...

hey I live about 3 hrs. from spokane, going up there this friday, I was wonderng if you know what the address is of the store ?
All I know is that its off of Sprague Ave.
you can contact me at:

- Jamie.