I have talked with friends before about staying up really late, and the effects it has on your mind and body. lafalda has said she would like to stay up really long sometime if it didn't weaken her immune system so much. J.J. has told me that he has tried staying up for fifty hours at a shot, but failed becuase his friend didn't keep him awake. I have spent nights awake playing video games, and your mind begins to play tricks on you when you are really tired. You see the game still when you close your eyes.

Usually I'm not into posting these second-hand news items, but this is pretty interesting while seriously unfortunate. Just a few days ago in South Korea, where gnat happens to be, which also happens to be the most connected country, a man video gamed himself to death. They say he died from exhaustion after playing simulated battles for 50 hours nearly non-stop. Apparently this kind of death has been reported twice before. Once before in South Korea and once in Taiwan.


lafalda said...

once i played a hand-held donkey kong so long that i was playing it in my mind while falling asleep and i kept jolting, trying to avoid the enemies, and freaked james out a bit.

** said...

lance, glad you liked the link. im not sure if i'll go that route.

nice to know that some of the stuff listed on that link, we sell at the craft store i work at. the ladies hose though... maybe i could find an alternative.. hehe.

btw, check your gmail, i sent an email to you the other day about my scanner problems. any help would be appreciated.

Rael said...

don't touch the video games my self and this is why i know i have a weakness and i wouldn't be able to stop. deep down i just new they could kill you thanks for supporting my paranoia.