Here at Missoula County, where I work, we replace computers on a regular basis like most companies and agencies. This creates a lot of old computers to get rid of. So if you are in the market for a few old computers check out our stuff on ebay You may be able to get three old PCs for a buck or other interesting things.

I guess they do surlpus a bit different at schools in Richmond, VA. People got a bit out of control trying to get a $50 iBook. The riot including chair-wielding, stroller-crushing, and falling old men was also reported on Slashdot and CNN.


** said...

lance, thanks for the link! i just opened up the links to the surplus, so i have not taken a look yet.. wanted to lay a comment on ya first.

i saw that story too. on the Wired rss feed. i wouldnt mind getting an apple for 50 bucks! woohoo. and even though im not a big fan of the apple interface, apple is big in the arts community, so there! haha.

much love.

gary said...

If you haven't used an Apple computer as of late, then you should.

The operating system is top-notch. I loved Windows, until I realized how much better Apple is.

Trust me, it's worth it.

I just moved to Missoula...I love it here!

lance said...

Welcome to Missoula, Gary. I love it here too. It is worth the sacrifices of pay and stuff to be here. Let me know if you have any questions about town. Have you checked out the farmer's market or "out to lunch" yet?

** said...

haha! lance, it's always nice to see that the spammers out there are covering all the bases. i'd hate to see them just using email.

ed said...

Say Lance...this is unrelated to your post, but I have a question. Do you know why sometimes blogs will appear to be loading but then just the words will disappear? I have noticed it on mine as well as Jess' and Rocky's too. Is it my computer or something else?

lance said...

Hmm... I'm not sure what it is, but I think it is probably the blogger website. If their servers are under a heavy load (perhaps there are lots of people going to blogs or updating) then then they may have trouble showing the blog you are going to. Usually if you refresh the page by pressing F5 or clicking refresh it should fix it. If that doesn't work try pressing Shift-F5.

It is probably not your computer, but could possibly your internet connection. If you can load other web pages just fine, then it probably isn't your internet connection either.

** said...

hey lance. yeah.. organization, yet it'll set you free, or make you a freak ready to fight someone over the movement of a hairy troll doll. either way.

also, just wanted to mention something im excited about. i got an email today from an editor at RES magazine( they may be publishing a letter i had sent to them(possibly concerning.. needing advice on which field to look into with my vaired art style). but the icing on the cake is that she may also publish my website address. yay! more visitors!

which also in turn may mean new visitors to you guys(ed, krysty and the whole missoula gang). anyways, just wanted pass on the good news.

much love brother,

ps- would you rather me not email your work address if i want to get in touch? just wanted ot check.

lance said...

That's cool! Congratulations. It'll be fun to watch the 'ol statcounter.

I don't mind if you send me email to my work, all my friends do. If I'm too busy working, I just won't reply until later. When I get a new comment it sends an email to my work address. I just don't publish it - my work address that is.

** said...

good. yeah, i didn't want to publish the address.

i just posted an email address on my site where people can reach me, but i was careful to not give out my spam free gmail account address.

thanks again.

Matt said...

two weeks is what it took to process the fafsa. who-hoo!

XAgirl said...

In response to ed's comment on the words disappearing, its happened to me when I got to La Falda's blog. Just with her post on good ol' Tan