Yet another weekend of summer break has gone by, and school is about to start. Despite the work that needs to be done on the house before I'm swamped with Russian homework, I decided to go climbing in the Bitterroot Saturday with Scott and Zach. Well, that was our goal anyway.

Before meeting Scott and Zach, I went to the Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market is a great way to start a Saturday. I bought some vegetables, and got to speak some Russian. Then, I bought some empanadas and got to speak some Spanish. Empanadas are so good. As usual, I saw Rocky selling coffee, and then I ran into Rachael with her new camera (part of the 3 for $2 at a garage sale deal).

Once Scott, Zach, and I got up to on the mountain, we spent a couple miles hiking around until we gave up and decided to just go to Kootenai canyon. Even though it was sure to be busy there, at least we could get a few routes in before we needed to be back to town.

That didn't work out as planned either. After passing the turnoff to get to the sport routes, we decided that we better just bag it for the day. That didn't stop us from jumping in the creek, or I should say it didn't stop the dogs and me. Scott and Zach got their feet wet. Zach helped me build a little dam to raise the water level about six inches, and Scott threw a stick which I raced Sierra for. She's slower than you'd think in the water.

We got back in town in time to see Helen play the cello. Helen is an old friend of lafalda's, and she is very good at the cello. Which is a very good instrument to be good at. It was such a treat; thanks, Helen.

Afterwards we headed over the the new Montana Club for dessert. If you go there, you must try their bathrooms. Not only do they have a magic water faucet that turns on when you put your hands under it, but they have a magic soap dispenser and a super-powered hand blower.


lafalda said...

man, that is just a great picture of zach. it needs to be in some montana promotional catalog somewhere or something. we should go up kootenai sometime soon...or anywhere!!!maybe lolo peak!

hewson said...

you are indeed one fast man...that dog did not stand a chance. although i'd never seen sierra so perplexed, i don't think a human as ever outfetched her.