Hey there, sorry to keep you hanging for so long. I know it was almost as bad as the Star Trek season ending with Captain Picard turned into a Borg and not knowing what was going to happen for five months - almost. Fortunately the summer blog break is not as long as the summer blockbuster break, but enough of all that let's get to what's been happening.

Where we last left off, I was working in the yard on a Bible study. It went really well, and we all got to water balloon Peter playing the part of Stephen. Then on Saturday I joined ed, rocky, lafalda, rael, jamey, and other non-blogging friends at the outdoor cinema. Every Saturday during the summer, some community-oriented citizens show a movie on the side of an old school building. Anyone can come and watch for free. They were showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure, which I must add was much better than I remember. If you haven't watched it in years, I would suggest checking it out. Since the motorcycle is now running, I rode it there. Here's a nice picture of Jamey checking it out.

Sunday, Shannon and I went up to the lake (Flathead lake is "the lake" by the way). My brother and his wife were there along with my parents and a bunch of other family. I got some waterskiing in, and we went to this cool restaurant/bar on the lake. My dad anchored the boat in the bay and rode in with my uncle because they just didn't have enough dock space. Unfortunately, Shannon and I had to work on Monday so we came back to Missoula that evening. However, I got off work at noon, and went back up on the motorcycle. Shannon had to work. I decided to stay the night, and just come back early on Tuesday before work. It was a cold ride home in the morning, but worth it.

Wednesday, we played Russian Scrabble at the Shack. Really, The Shack is the best place to play. I got lucky with the letters and won for the second time in a row!

Thursday, I attended a great Bible study of Acts 10 and 11 taught by lafalda and Rocky. We also had a guest named Brent, who is taking his family to Ireland where they will be college campus missionaries. It was exciting to hear from him.

Even though I had to miss sci-fi Friday on the Scifi channel, I had a blast working the BBQ at my aunt an uncle's company BBQ. Quite smoky, but worth the money and fun. Peter and Krysty came along to work the big inflateables for the kids. I think they had a bunch of fun too. It was great seeing a bunch of the family. Here's a photo of two of my cousins.

Saturday I worked on dismantling the huge cat house I built a couple of winters ago, and then in the evening, Shannon and I went to the outdoor cinema with Aaron. Aaron's a great high school friend who I haven't seen in about five years. He was just visiting from Reno. Before we went to the movie we stopped by the mall to get some Hoagieville, and check out the rules on the Dance Dance Revolution contest. I just may enter. Well, I need to wrap this up. I'm heading to dinner at Fiesta En Jaliso to bid farewell to Dawn who is leaving for Kazakhstan on Tuesday.


XAgirl said...

Wow, sounds like you sure were busy. I just have to comment on what an awesome pictuer that was of Flathead Lake.

Anonymous said...

Lance!! Give me a ring when you are up in the Flathead again. ~Joe & Kelly

lance said...

Thanks Tryna, I just realized that I forgot to make those last two photos links to bigger ones, but I fixed that now so you can see that photo in its original resolution splendor.

Joe, good to hear from you! I will certainly give you a call next time I'm up there.

KrystyKay said...

NO JOKE, I took a picture exactly like this three years ago... I caught this cloud over Wild Horse Island with the sun streaming through the clouds by way of the East side... it's so gorgeous out there. Great photography Lance! (As Always!)