Well this last weekend was another packed one. Friday, I left work early to go volunteer at the fair. A couple of years ago I joined the Sons of Norway. It's a Norwegian heritage society. I joined because they were offering language classes and I had the time, but once I started at the U of M, I no longer had the time so I quit going to Norwegian class.

I still work the booth at the fair, because my aunt asks me, and I have a hard time saying no. Besides, I get a bunch of free vikings. What are those? They are like meatloaf on a stick, battered, and deep-fried, and everyone loves them! They are the fair food in Missoula. That makes it easy to trade them for fried bread, gyros, or whatever else you want at the fair.

Jamey, ed, and Rocky stopped by after my shift. Be sure to check out ed's photo stream for some great photos. Just click the link off her homepage. Shannon was going to come too, but she wasn't feeling too hot, so I went home and we hung out and watched the old Russian movie Вий based on the classic Gogol novel.

Fall instantly hit on my shift. Around 5:30 it started pouring, and got really cold. I had to stop by the mall on my way home and buy a cool new Etnies sweatshirt from Zumiez for the ride home. It cooled down to about 40 degrees that night.

Stay tuned for more...


** said...


norah jones... hmmm. she's not so bad. i got her first cd around somewhere.

interestingly enough, jazz has different parts. from big band standards to the masters(mingus, bird, davis, and so on). from norah jones and harry connick jr. to winton marsalis. and as with any genre(and it's history)that might be held tight by it's listeners(and avid fans), they have the ability to be mean. norah isn't so bad as i said above, but maybe it's just a bunch of crazy hipsters out there who decided they didn't like her.

hope you get to hear some of the jazz i linked. the song that's played on the thelonius monk website i linked to(http://thelonious-monk.com/) is nice. and i suggest the the dave brubeck album "Time Out". and on that cd, the song called "Take Five" is a good start. its the only dave album i own. also that "beans and cornbread" song by Louis Jordan. you at least have to hear it once. haha

oh well. much love brother.

Mike O'Neill said...


How goes it. Check out your family site under www.campbellclan.ca. Do you have any unusual pics of your family or older pics of your dad?