Well, I just finished a mighty fine A&W Root Beer Float which was delivered straight to my very own neighborhood via a vintage ice cream truck. While there were several kids purchasing ice cream, sadly I think the rest of the neighborhood hasn't caught on, or they were inside playing video games. It's a nice evening too.

Maria, the ice cream truck operator, was kind enough to grant me an interview. If you see her around, or hear Christmas music, be sure to pick up an ice cream. Enjoy.

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Straight from her business card. Here's her information:

Westwind Wagon
Available for all your Special Events!
Grand Openings, Rodeos, Birthday Parties, Sports Events, Horse Shows!

We serve ice cream, hot dogs, frozen bananas, beverages, and more!

Vintage Truck, Self Contained
Licensed & Insured

Maria Freeman
(406) 825-3230 cell 370-6506
freeman at blackfoot dot net

(that email address is to keep the spam bots away, humans know to change the "at" to "@" and "dot" to ".")

And for that ice cream truck music:

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El Padrino said...

great now I'm craving peanut butter ice cream!...did she like her gift?

lance said...

Oh yeah.

You're quick. I just finished interviewing her. I haven't even done a write-up yet.

ed said...

Lance, we can always count on you to wake the blogworld from it's slumber. Congratulations again. I needed that.

** said...

hey! haha. i wish you could have seen my face while listening to your audio post.

when you were asking her about what kind of music she could play.. i was thinking it was going in the direction of.. "yeah, well, i play a little led zepplin soetimes. but the kids get a bit timid, so i gotta be careful". okay, so maybe not LZ, but something else. haha.

also, thanks for the message. did you get to the end of the site? and by the way, you can still use the same email address(rather than the one on there).

oh, one more thing. i emailed that girl again. maybe she'll kepe the dialog going. please pray for it all. i hope what i tell her only gives her the right ideas on what Christianity really is. if you want to see what i wrote, i posted it on the last post on her site.

much love brother.